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While everyone wants to enjoy a youthful looking healthy and glowing skin, the skin aging is inevitable. The signs of aging such as wrinkles, facial sagging or fine line can indeed be depressing, especially for women. Of late, the cosmetic industry has been experiencing a mercurial boom. There are many effective procedures the enhance the facial skin (skin rejuvenationfacelift, to name a few). The Thread Lifting, also known as the Thread Facelift is one such procedure that has been slowly making its presence felt. In this article, we will mainly focus on the Thread Facelift procedure, its advantages and also the associated risk.

What is the Thread Facelift?

True to its name, the Thread Facelift is a minimally invasive procedure that has been specifically designed to deal with the facial sagging and the other early signs of skin aging, thereby giving the face a much-needed lift.

Compared to the different traditional facelift surgeries and procedure, the Thread Facelift is relatively safe and hassle-free.

The Thread Facelift Procedure

  1. Performed by experienced and specially trained surgeons, the Thread Facelift procedure is simple and usually takes between 1-2 hours.
  2. With the identification of the target areas on the skin, the surgeon makes small incisions on the face (target areas).
  3. Through these incisions, the insertion of thin threads into the face takes place.
  4. Once the threads latch to the tissues of the skin, the cosmetic surgeon gently pulls back the threads thereby lifting the face.
  5. This facelifting goes a long way to eliminate the facial sagging. The face also becomes smooth and rejuvenated.
    1. A characteristic feature of the thread facelift is that no anesthesia is required during the entire procedure.
    2. With the facelifting and the skin rejuvenation, the surgeon knots the threads. The knotted threads, however, remain hidden within the skin.
    3. With no anesthesia, the person concerned is aware of all the face changes and modifications and can accordingly voice their approval about the same.

    Advantages of Thread Facelift
    The Thread Facelift is indeed a cosmetic genius that comes laden with benefits.

    1. Anyone between 25-45 with signs of skin aging can opt for this procedure. Slightly older women (between 50-60 years) with wrinkles and other related issues can also benefit from this procedure.
    2. Compared to the other facial cosmetic procedures, the Thread Facelift is relatively cost-effective leaving a small hole in the pocket.
    3. A person needs to spend minimum time in the hospital or the surgical center.
    4. With no anesthesia, the chances of anesthesia-related complications are absent.
    5. Unlike the other procedures, the Thread Facelift leaves no signs of scarring.
    6. You don’t have to wait for months to see the desired results. The effects become visible almost instantaneously.
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